CIL's main activities are engineering and management services, in a wide range of fields: construction engineering (civil and industrial), infrastructure, plant engineering, energy (specializing in Oil & Gas), industrial supplies, piping, fittings and electrical instrumentation.

Metallic Carpentry

  • Design and production of metal structures, piping, special parts.
  • Maintenance, operation and removal of industrial facilities, storage tanks, access ladders.
  • Prefabrication of piping, anti-corrosion treatments, sandblasting and painting.


  • Excavation and earthmoving.
  • Turnkey civil and industrial construction.



  • Wholesale and retail trade of fire extinguishers, fire fighting equipment and accident prevention.
  • Refilling, maintenance and testing of fire extinguishers.
  • Maintenance of fire parks, smoke detectors, gas safety systems.

Electrical Systems

  • Electrical work, instrumentation and automation, telecommunications.
  • Maintenance, modification and construction of new or extension facilities.
  • Precommissioning e commissioning.



  • Provision of services and performance of studies and research, related to design.
  • Implementation and change management of oil facilities.
  • Detailed engineering, piping, electro-instrumental activities, process, surveying.

Preventive Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance with planned interventions of periodic and prefixed inspections in relation to safety standards, machine operating hours and in particular production situations.

Extraordinary Maintenance

  • Extraordinary maintenance with emergency assistance provided by specialized teams that can reach any plant in a short time.


Precision Mechanics

  • Machining of mechanical parts by turning, milling and grinding.
  • Design and construction of equipment and tools.
  • Special design to customer specifications.
  • Overhaul and testing of valves, pumps, heat exchangers, columns, compressors, etc.

Petrochemical Industrial Supply

  • Valves, piping, flanges, gaskets, fittings, bolts, filters, equipment, lubricating oils and greases, machine shop tools and machines, spare mechanical parts and industrial equipment.
  • Sale and storage of technical gases.
  • Electrical and electro-instrumental equipment.
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