Mina Service operates in the industrial sector, particularly in the field of supplying goods (materials, technical items, equipment and software) and services (engineering, construction, plant engineering, maintenance and training).

It employs highly qualified professionals and workers, with a consolidated and proven know-how in the specific fields of intervention, to ensure quality and reliability of the service offered. 

"Turnkey" solutions and guarantee of full support at all stages of the project, from pre-analysis to final implementation, ensuring qualified after-sales assistance.

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Li.Bo has been conducting its business for over 30 years and today, thanks to the constant search and selection of reliable and qualified manufacturers, it represents the reference reality for Southern Italy, serving the industry. 

It operates in the wholesale and retail trade of hardware and industrial supplies, offering a punctual, qualified and professional service. 

Li.bo is established for the high quality of products and services provided, together with competitive prices.

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