C.I.L. (Consorzio Industriale Lucano) provides goods and services to companies operating in the petrochemical and industrial sectors. It is a "global service" partner.


CIL's Core Business is the construction of industrial plants and engineering works, in the renewable energy, industrial supply chain, oil&gas, and petrochemical clusters.
Established in 2009, the Lucanian Industrial Consortium (CIL), unites companies operating in different sectors, each with years of experience in its field, pooling human and logistical resources. 
This has created a strong territorial reference point, a dynamic structure capable of responding to the service and development requests of public and private companies operating in the petrochemical-oil and gas sector, provision of engineering services, industrial supply of goods and services. 
C.I.L. offers its efficient, reliable and competitive services from a "Global Service" perspective, in compliance with the principles of quality, safety and environmental protection, in the awareness that the efforts constantly made in these areas contribute to increasing customer satisfaction and are an indispensable investment for a stable permanence in the market and continuous business growth.

C.I.L. acts in its own name but on behalf of its member enterprises and with the common organization of the necessary means

The C.I.L. is a noprofit organization and governs the business and operational phases of the respective societies

C.I.L. has corporate quality certification, according to ISO 9001:2015

C.I.L. is a member of Assorisorse - Natural Resources and Sustainable Energy, an association of Confindustria that derives from Assomineraria - Italian Mining Association.

Assorisorse consists of about 100 companies committed to enhancing natural resources and intellectual skills through technological innovation and the circular economy, which aim to decarbonize industrial processes and achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability.



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