"Argo-Cassiopea," unions at city hall: Castania, "also pay attention to renewal phase"

"Argo-Cassiopea," unions at city hall: Castania, "also pay attention to renewal phase"

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Castania, Catania ed Emiliani

Gela. The request was answered almost immediately. Tomorrow afternoon, the provincial secretaries of Filctem, Femca and Uiltec will meet with Mayor Lucio Greco. A note had left last week. The union is aiming for more certainty on the authorization issued by City Hall for Eni's "Argo-Cassiopea" project, which is worth an investment of about 700 million euros, with three years of work. The timeline provided by the company, expects the project's gas base to come on line in 2024. Secretaries Gaetano Catania, Francesco Emiliani and Maurizio Castania, however, want to verify above all the aspect of the prescriptions, contained in the authorization measure, issued by City Hall and on which manager Emanuele Tuccio worked. The unions, which have followed the entire process of the "Argo-Cassiopea" project, consider the investment to be fundamental, first and foremost in terms of employment. The requirements in the municipal permit were already part of the opinion issued by the Biviere Reserve. Tomorrow's meeting will probably also be attended by manager Tuccio, who can better analyze the more technical aspects. The unions, at this stage, see the start of work on the gas base as a crucial step, to ensure the revitalization of the up stream sector but also to ensure employment in the allied industries. 

"We have explained this several times," says Uiltec provincial secretary Maurizio Castania, "we believe that the work should be started as soon as possible. It is important to give certainty to the induced workers but also to those of Enimed. Now, the phase of tenders and contract renewals in the refinery supply chain also opens. There are workers, who with the change of companies, risk being left without employment or having to accept different conditions and inferior tasks. Great care is needed, because all this could become a social powder keg."

SOURCE: https://www.quotidianodigela.it/argo-cassiopea-sindacati-in-municipio-castania-attenzione-anche-a-fase-rinnovi/
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