"Argo-Cassiopea," table at city hall: "Prescriptions will not penalize work"

"Argo-Cassiopea," table at city hall: "Prescriptions will not penalize work"

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Greco, Di Stefano and Tuccio

Gela. The meeting was requested by the unions, with the provincial secretaries of Filctem, Femca and Uiltec, who have been following the institutional tables for Eni's "Argo-Cassiopea" project.

Yesterday, the provincial category secretaries, Gaetano Catania, Francesco Emiliani and Maurizio Castania, held discussions with Mayor Lucio Greco, executive Emanuele Tuccio and deputy mayor Terenziano Di Stefano. Much of the discussions revolved around the requirements, contained in the authorization measure that the City Palace issued for the start of work on the gas project. In the measure, which Tuccio worked on, the prescriptions, already indicated in the opinion issued by the Biviere Reserve and issued by Emilio Giudice, are taken up.

They are not to be considered, however, as restrictions on the work. "The measure issued," says Tuccio, "provides for the immediate start of the work. The prescriptions are there and we refer to all relevant regulations. It was a complex work, but they are not prescriptions that go against the business activity, which is instead guaranteed. As we explained, including during the discussion with the unions, business activity can absolutely be integrated with environmental requirements. From this point of view, it is an innovative measure. The prescriptions are to be carried out over the three-year period of the work, and for the most part they are design activities. They are certainly not an impediment to investment."

Considerations that were developed at the table requested by the unions. Enimed, which is in charge of managing the entire "Argo-Cassiopea" project, has planned three years of work, with production coming on line in 2024. Yesterday, there seemed to be a trend toward greater cooperation between the city administration and the social partners, led by the labor unions. The administration is ready to repeat such tables periodically. "I have proposed it," Tuccio continues, "we must avoid these confrontations being only sporadic. Instead, we need to share information for all interventions that touch the territory. I think this is inevitable. By now, production and the environment must move forward together. The National Recovery and Resilience Plan allocates huge funds for environmental protection projects. This is an area that could draw a lot of funds, as it has the expected characteristics, both in terms of degradation generated in the past and in terms of environmental quality."

Mayor Lucio Greco fully shared this line, as he already explained when it came to making public the contents of the permit issued for "Argo-Cassiopea." The unions consider the entire gas base project to be an absolute priority both for the revitalization of the up stream sector and to ensure employment in the supply chain, with a lot of local labor. The secretariats of Filctem, Femca and Uiltec, moreover, had already announced a factory council of Enimed rsu, so as to report back to the workers on the outcome of the meeting held in the City Hall.

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