Lorefice-Eni meeting, there is wide openness: 'Decommissioning and reclamation go ahead'

Lorefice-Eni meeting, there is wide openness: 'Decommissioning and reclamation go ahead'

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Gela. Yesterday, there was the official start of work on the gas base of Eni's "Argo-Cassiopea" project. It is the largest investment, provided for in the 2014 memorandum of understanding, totaling about 700 million investment, for gas alone. In the same hours, Cricket Senator Pietro Lorefice and industrial chemist Fabrizio Nardo, who is collaborating with the parliamentarian, held meetings with the six-legged dog's top management, carrying out visits and inspections of the green refinery plants and other areas. The ongoing assessments touch on compliance with the decarbonization protocol, which calls for the decommissioning of all plants, not related to the green production cycle. For Lorefice, Eni is on schedule and the discussion is open. "After about three years of activity and commitment, I think it is possible to take stock of what has been done so far and to share with the people of the Gela Plain the results, which are tangible both in terms of reclamation and plant decommissioning, but also in terms of investments in innovation and circular economy, therefore in terms of employment," Lorefice says. The approach seems entirely different than in the past, and the two-year-old protocol, not coincidentally, bears the signatures of Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi and former Environment Minister Sergio Costa, who is close to the Five-Star Movement.

The senator and Nardo held meetings with managers of all Eni group companies. "The decommissioning activity of the industrial area continues, from the Drills coking 1-2, where the works have already been entirely completed, to the Snox chimney that is no longer there, and here the works are 99 percent completed. Again, the decommissioning activities on the G200 G300 Boilers are already at 85 percent; at 20 percent that on the G100, G200 thermal units and tank farm," Lorefice says; "finally, work on the D-D1 flare is at 10 percent. In the meantime, the city's skyline and air are getting clearer, at the same time, reclamation is proceeding expeditiously; in addition to the water table with the treated effluents in the Taf, reclamation is affecting the subsoils of islands 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 10, 14, 17 and old landfill areas. Nearly completed are waste reclamation operations on the seabed in the 500 m strip from the wharf. Complex and delicate operations at the former Isaf facility will continue for at least another six years. The process of soil risk analysis was recently concluded, and soil remediation work will also begin soon. All with the deployment of innovative remediation and inspection technologies, sometimes the first ever deployed in the world. We will continue to be vigilant to ensure that the decontamination continues and is effective in order to clean up the entire area." The grill senator considers development on green production, more in line with what the movement itself has indicated, to be very important.

"Investments will also continue for upgrades to the plants involved in the green refinery," Lorefice adds, "to convert the site from palm oil to 100 percent feedstock from recovery, spent vegetable oils, animal fat derivatives, and other organic materials from other industrial activities. We do not hide a certain satisfaction in being in tune with Eni's top management on concepts consistent with the circular economy model. The footprint of our political action will even be an integral part of the new AIA, where the Costa-Descalzi protocol should be among the prescriptions. This means that reclamation and new investments will have to be followed by actions of land redevelopment, ecological renaturalization and economic conversion. From this point of view, we can only confirm the reference to the two land planning instruments on which all these actions must harmonize, that is, the Reclamation Plan and the Natura 2000 Network Management Plan." For Lorefice, we need to structure a new kind of relationship with the city, which needs to be better informed. "Therefore, I consider it fundamental to inform the citizens about the progress of demolitions and reclamation. Citizens," he concludes, "must know what is being done, and for this very reason it was decided that timely updates will be given periodically.

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